Work and Wellbeing 7 December 2018

Where does wellbeing figure in your day? Download your free guide for better health

Finding the time to get active during a working day is a challenge, particularly for small business owners
Getting a startup off the ground or running a micro business in its early years is, undoubtedly, a rewarding and exciting experience. But you?ll be no stranger to the demands that come with it.

Indeed, it can be all too easy to find yourself consumed by the work/adrenalin cocktail ? but what of your health?

When AXA PPP healthcare polled 500 owners of smaller, younger business (less than 8 years old), 35% said it had taken a toll on their health at some point.

Stress, sleepless nights and constant tiredness ranked among the leading side effects they experienced. And 1 in 4 affected admitted they ?rarely have time for exercise?.



What?s the secret to good wellbeing? Cost-effective strategies you can use in your business today

What mental and physical wellbeing challenges do micro businesses face? A panel of business owners and a medical expert offer practical strategies for employers and staff.


Finding the time to get active during a working day is a challenge. Even with good intentions, work pressure can hold you back. But, it?s a sobering thought that many UK workers spend an awful lot of time sitting. AXA PPP research found, for example, that combining commuting, work-time and the hours after work, many of us are racking up an average of nine hours sitting-time a day.

It?s no secret that sitting for prolonged periods of time can create (or exacerbate) muscle and joint problems, but there are links to certain health risks too, including obesity, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer.

Fortunately, however, there?s a lot we can do to break the sedentary cycle and improve our general health and wellbeing. With this in mind, AXA PPP healthcare has teamed up with three small business owners who champion good health to create a downloadable Well Workplace Guide.

Freely available, it?s full of practical, cost-effective and easy ways to implement health and wellbeing into the work environment ? and includes one business owner?s first-hand insights on keeping active and healthy during the working day. ?

Every business is different and it?s clear there?s no ?one size fits all?, but a little enterprise and commitment can go far in building a more active life ? and work ? style that benefits you and ultimately your business.

For practical advice and tips from business owners on how they create a healthier business, visit AXA PPP healthcare?s Small Business Advice.

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