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Learn to reduce stress and increase your profits in 9 steps

reduce stress
Subjecting yourself to consistent stress isnt only bad for your health, it’s bad for business
Stress kills, and that’s no exaggeration. It results in high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes and small business owners are among the most stressed people on the planet.

Unfortunately, advice like just relax? doesnt work. Stress reduction and management are skills that must be learnt, and one of the most intriguing side effects of stress reduction is the ability to attract more profit to your business.

The effects of stress in small business

Stress reduction is a team effort, which is fitting when you consider that too much stress affects the entire small business team. The effects of stressoften a result of increased workload, poor management, widespread feelings of being underappreciated or a lack of fulfilmentcompound over time.

it’s common to see one team accomplish an unbelievable amount of work, with relatively no stress; and yet another accomplishes very little whilst being crushed beneath the massive weight of daily stress, which might be characterised by:

  • decreased productivity
  • indecision
  • poor choices
  • oversights
  • illnesses
  • absences
  • high employee turnover
  • conflict within the workplace
  • diminished profits
That’s just a taste of what unnecessary workplace stress can doand it’s only the tip of the management iceberg. As the owner of a small business, you’re at high risk of experiencing all of this, and more; which will be intensified when you witness stress claiming the productivity and spirit of even your most motivated team members.

Often, business owners feel compelled to tackle the problem with more of the same: To remedy reduced profits by ramping up production without enhancing the labour force, for example, which only creates more stress.

So what’s a business owner to do when veering straight toward, or stuck in, this stress rut?

I have some advice.

9 for reducing stress (and increasing profits) in business

Not all stress is negative stress; in fact, positive stress can help keep small business owners on their toes and maintain motivation for achievement. Positive stress results when you and your team are doing what you love, working at peak energy, and feeling committed to reaching goals.

The type of stress that your business feels starts with you and the culture you choose to build.

Lead by example, create an environment that you would want to work in, and foster only the positive variety of stress by?

  1. Stop procrastinating

it’s human nature to put off the most difficult tasks until later. I would suggest, instead, that you take on the things you dislike the most first. Remove them from your to-do list and feel the stress melt away. Or, let them pile up and feel the stress mount and negatively affect other areas of your business.

  1. Delegate

The things that cause us the most stress are usually those things we dread doing. Ensure that every task within your business is being completed by someone who’s not only capable but who would choose that assignment if given the opportunity. When you’re first starting out, you may not have the capital to delegate all the tasks that you eventually will, but at least have a plan in place to hand over responsibilities as part of your business strategy.

  1. Look on the bright side

This is an old one, I know, but it deserves repeating. Business is filled with disappointmentsif you view them in that light. Practice seeing the opportunity within failures instead. For instance, if you lose a big contract, use that time to pursue another, putting what you’ve learnt to work. Or, if profits are down, examine insights from all areas of your business to determine what contributed to the loss, learn from it, and move ahead with useful data and a fresh outlook.

  1. Work efficiently



Sara Lou-Ann Jones is the founder and CEO of the Centre of Excellence, a leading e-learning platform which offers thousands of different courses in a huge range of subject areas, from business to wellbeing.

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