Work and Wellbeing · 2 October 2018

Music industry workers are reporting “astronomical” levels of stress

music industry stress
Almost half of survey respondents said their work in music often led to a constant feeling of anxiety and sadness
It may seem a glamorous career to have but most people in the music industry are actually suffering from astronomical? levels of stress, according to new findings.

A new survey from event guide and ticketing outlet Skiddle has revealed that over 80% of people working in the music profession are faced with continuous levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

The survey of promoters, venue owners and event organisers found that 82% of industry professionals have suffered with stress, 67% said they had anxiety and 40% said they had struggled with depression.

One in ten said they have developed associated symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or OCD as a direct result of their work in music.

When questioned, 65% of promoters said they frequently felt an “intense and unmanageable level of pressure”, whilst almost half said their work in music often led to a constant feeling of anxiety and sadness.

Indeed, one promoter commented: After running a festival for a couple of years, the workload this year ended up depressing me to a level that I had suicidal thoughts and thoughts of self-harm. A couple of months later I had panic attacks when thinking about starting the process again and decided to go on hiatus instead.

Another said: it’s the loneliness and isolation that scares me. Anxiety and stress are just part and parcel of the job it’s sad but true.



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