Work and Wellbeing · 15 October 2018

How UK workers are using mobile apps to keep on top of their mental health

mental health apps employees
A majority of workers using apps to support mental wellbeing were advised to do so by healthcare professionals
Nearly half of British workers are logging on to mobile apps to monitor stress and boost their mental health, a new study has found.

A survey from Accenture of over 2, 000 workers found that four in 10 people are using technology such as apps, wearables and online services to manage stress, improve sleep and boost mental well-being.

The number, the survey found, is even greater 46% among those who have already experienced mental health issues.

Accenture said this openness to using a range of technologies is happening as a significant proportion of people report mental health challenges. Over half of workers said they are either experiencing mental health issues now or have had such issues in the past.

Most workers, 77%, believed that people should take proactive steps to manage their mental health with 57% declaring that apps and online technologies are going to become the first option many people use to do so.

The majority 72% have used or would use online counselling services or helplines, 69% said the same for meditation or relaxation apps and 67% for online chatrooms and support groups.

In addition, 52% would use a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence to support their mental wellbeing, and 55% believed that virtual reality can be helpful in managing mental health issues.



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