Work and Wellbeing · 5 April 2022

How to Recover from a Career Setback


career setback

It can come in many forms, but one universal fact of a career setback is that they can be incredibly demoralising and have a significant impact on you and your social circles, both personal and professional.

When recovering from a bump-in-the-career-road, much of the advice we are setting out relies on internal examination, self-motivation, and positive thinking. So, first things first, make sure you are looking after yourself and that you are in a strong, healthy mindset before you start on your new journey.

Try not to let the setback define you

Whether you have found yourself in this position due to a personal mistake, company restructures, ill health, or through your own personal choices and circumstances, you should not let the situation define you as a working professional. Any mistakes or supposed failures should be viewed as opportunities for learning, rather than a sign of inadequacy.

Figure out what lessons could be learned

Sometimes, we don’t always see our own potential shortcomings; gaining perspective is necessary when finding yourself in this situation. Seek out friends, colleagues, or even a personal coach and ask for impartial, honest advice and outlooks on your circumstances. The feedback will offer you a starting point for learning what you might be able to improve on and what might have led to this scenario. Try to be unbiased in your own self-evaluation but don’t be too hard on yourself.

Develop positive daily rituals or new healthy habits

Build up your routine around habits and actions that keep you feeling fulfilled and motivated to work towards the next stage in your career. Take up a new hobby or start learning a new skill that provides you with a sense of accomplishment and validates your own abilities. Keep to a structured working timetable, pay attention to your mental and physical wellbeing, and try to invest in other facets of life that bring you joy.

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