Work and Wellbeing · 14 December 2021

How to Balance Business and Personal Responsibilities over Christmas?


responsibilities over Christmas

As a business owner, it is notoriously difficult to create a healthy work-life balance and commit to it. Especially in the early days, it usually means overtime, working weekends, and missing out on a lot of your personal life.

It can be challenge to balance professional and personal responsibilities during holidays even as a standard employee or manager, let alone as the business leader. Hopefully this advice is something you can implement this Christmas to fully enjoy time with friends and family while meeting workplace expectations.


Plan and Prioritise

If you know you want time off at Christmas, plan and request your annual leave as soon as you can. Most company policies follow a ‘first come, first served’ approach when it comes to approving holidays, so you want to get that request in early. If you are a business owner, make sure your staff know when you will be away and unavailable so they can keep operating smoothly in your absence. Shared information and collaborative working platforms are critical to ensure that your business can work without you, so everyone has access to the necessary documents. Make sure everyone knows which tasks are most important and what projects are need the most attention when you are absent.


Set a Schedule and Your Boundaries

Let’s say, as a business owner, you are still going to be available to your team over the holidays. Maybe you are planning to cut down your hours to four hours in the morning or three hours in the middle of the day. Or you could be moving to a three-day-week over the festive period. Set a schedule and establish a timetable with your team about when you will be working and when they can contact you with work-related messages. Be firm about your downtime and make sure they know that you will not be accessible in the hours you are taking off. Also, be strict with yourself. If you’ve set your working hours over Christmas, you need to stick to it and try not to be tempted to keep working. Emergencies happen, so having a line of communication in case of surprise events is important.


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