Work and Wellbeing · 10 October 2018

Employers are overlooking chronic back pain at a 10.7bn cost to the economy

back pain
Home workers are at the greatest risk of chronic back pain

Employers are failing to protect remote workers from developing chronic back pain costing the UK economy billions of pounds every year, a new study has found.

A new report from BHSF discovered that over a third of remote workers report back pain as a result of working from home with 58% of employees stating that they have received no help or guidance from their bosses on how to set up a workstation at home that supports healthy posture.

The survey coincides with Back Care Awareness Week which is highlighting the over 10.7bn hit the UK economy takes every year from the condition.

Of those employees who work at least two days a week from home only 36% said they had received workstation guidance.

The BHSF said women were being particularly let down, with just 30% receiving help to set up their workstations, compared to 45% of men. It said that given that women are also much less likely than men to have a dedicated office in their home – 30% compared to 43%- this means they could be highly susceptible to musculoskeletal problems.



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