Work and Wellbeing · 2 May 2022

Adjusting Your Workplace for a Four-Day Work Week with the Help of Technology

four day work week

Employees are now working in a hybrid workplace, splitting time between home and the office. They are accustomed to “working from home,” and as a result, their expectations of what they want from the workplace are changing.

There is a greater expectation that the office protects people’s health and welfare while also providing optimal and comfortable working circumstances.

Smart technology to the rescue

Smart technology, which is currently commonplace in the home, is now used in the office to provide smart data and services that help make the working environment more efficient, safe, and sustainable. As a consequence, the Smart Office, a workplace that integrates digitally connected services and solutions to improve employee experience and efficiency, achieve cost and energy savings, and add value to the building, is rapidly becoming a reality. These technologies include Internet of Things (IoT), advanced communications technologies, automation, office occupancy detection, and energy efficiency technologies.

How the technology helps with energy efficiency and occupancy

With growing awareness and significance put on climate change and climate-related concerns, the trend toward sustainable office buildings is gaining traction. Businesses can now collect data on temperature, occupancy, doors and windows, building use and water waste. This way, they can benchmark their operations and realise what is driving unnecessary energy consumption. With the help of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, companies can automate and optimise energy and resource use.



Pippa Boothman, VP Marketing & Communications at Disruptive Technologies, a Norwegian developer of the world’s smallest wireless sensors and an award-winning innovator in the IoT market. Their small, efficient, powerful, and adaptable wireless sensors are making buildings intelligent and sustainable, in minutes.

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