Work and Wellbeing · 2 December 2021

“1 in 5 Gifts Go to Landfill”: How to Ensure your Corporate Gifting Makes the Cut

Louise Doyle, founder of gifting service, ‘needi’, explains what you can do as a manager this Christmas to ensure your staff know that they’re valued by gifting them with personable and special gifts.

Heartfelt emotions and careful consideration should create the core ethos of the reason we gift and I am hoping to change the way we view gifting in today’s world. One of my major concerns is the corporate side; and as we are nearing Christmas, with the office parties looming and Secret Santa exchanges expectant, I am already on tenterhooks as to how many unwanted gifts will be circulating this year.

Corporate gifting is always so underwhelming. From start to finish, the giftee will likely see it as a chore. A ‘to do’ list that haunts their desk for the first part of December and something constantly niggling away that they just want to get over with quickly. It is a ‘to do’ list completed with little thought other than getting it over with

In a recent study, it was revealed that 1 in 5 gifts go to landfill, 50% of Brits admit to receiving gifts they don’t want and 84% find gift-shopping stressful. I say, let’s change how we gift in the modern world. People have a responsibility to help protect the planet and you can contribute towards this by choosing the correct gift to ensure it is used and wanted. We are so dated when it comes to corporate gifting ideas. Presenting someone with a gift should be one of the most genuine and raw acts of kindness a human can offer

Let’s think about your clients from a personal perspective, not just as a business. What do they like to do? What are their hobbies? You must have talked a good amount of waffle other than business and figures throughout the year, so use this to your advantage. By gifting something other than the standard case of cheap plonk, you will stand out from the crowd!

The chain between customer and supplier is just as important between boss and employee. Afterall, without the employees, there would be no customer. So why is it, the majority of employees feel so underwhelmed with their Christmas gift from the company they give so much to throughout the year? Christmas is about giving something back, with a heartfelt action, that generates happiness and joy. It shouldn’t be about the annual Christmas bonus or the brightly branded water bottle to add to the collection bursting from the bottom drawer.



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