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Cut your business expenses using these simple cost-hacking tips


Content expert, Uday Tank discusses the ways small businesses can cut their expenses using simple methods…

If you ask an average business owner what they think the biggest threat to their business funds is, many of the responses youd get would point in the direction of scams and frauds. It is quite typical of business owners to think that the only threat to their business cash flow can only come from external sources.

But is that really true?

If there is anything history has taught us, it is that scams and frauds are not the only ways businesses lose money. In fact, some of the actual threats to business funds come in the form of wasteful expenses and unbridled costs.

So instead of worrying only about how your business can beat the threats from conmen, it is also important to start looking inward for ways on how to lessen some of your business costs.

But you need not scour the internet for tips on how to get this done because weve already conducted a research to that effect for you. And here’s what weve come up with.


Did you know that in the US only, companies spend more than $120 billion a year on printed forms, most of which are outdated within three months? Not to mention that an average employee spends a lot of time searching for printed documents lurking in filing cabinets, with each lost document costing $350 to $700 in employee time.

As much as the costs of paperwork might appear not too expensive at first, they add up pretty quickly, talk of the costs of paper, ink, machine maintenance, shelves or filing cabinets to keep documents, pins, document folders, desk tools, and other office equipment. The chances are that if you replace all on-desk paperwork with digital tools, you’d not only be saving yourself thousands of dollars come the year-end, but you’ll also be improving employee efficiency by eradicating time wastage.

For starters, you can use online signature services to sign contracts, get your documents uploaded to the cloud, send information via email, and hold meetings via Skype or Slack.

Too often, copies are made for things like meetings and presentations when the participants would actually prefer to view the documents online. Online documents are also editable, too, so people can view them during and after the meeting.

Out-of-town conferences

Yes, we get it; your business needs conferences to thrive. Your employees need to attend events and go to seminars. But did you know that all of those come at a price? Talk of the accommodation costs, feeding, transport, and other logistics to cater for. Of course, you knew!

So why not cut down this cost by replacing these expensive out-of-town events with cost-effective web conference software that allows you to hold face-to-face conversations with anyone from all corners of the world?

That is not to say that you should completely eliminate travelling from your business costs because there may be times when you need to travel to strike some deals. But the idea here is to limit how much you spend on meetings and conferences and restricting travelling to high-priority situations only.

Getting your supplies from the top dogs in the industry

No one is going to give you an accolade for buying your office supplies from the biggest brand in the industry. So you need to stop doing that thing you do, where you only buy your business supplies from the big brands in your industry.

For a fact, most of these big brands sell to small businesses in the same way they sell to the top guys, and as such, they offer you no customized service. However, if you buy from smaller local options, you can get a customized service that fits your immediate business need and budget.

So for a business looking to hack down its expenses by a few thousand, switching from a well-renowned supplier to a relatively new or lesser-known supplier can be a smart move.




Uday Tank is a serial entrepreneur and content marketing leader who serves the international community at Rankwisely. He enjoys writing, including marketing, productivity, business, diversity, and management.

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