Tax & admin · 8 September 2015

Our efficiency expert: KPMG’s Bivek Sharma

Bivek Sharma is passionate about helping small businesses grow
Bivek Sharma is passionate about helping small businesses grow
My name is Bivek Sharma, and Im a partner at professional services firm KPMG where Ive been for over 12 years now.

I started out my career by cutting my teeth in the family business, which involved selling directly to retailers and ultimately selling the company to a pretty big FTSE firm.

The reason I joined KPMG was the ability to use technology as a way of improving the lives of small business owners. I now specialise in accounting, tax and software, and set up the Small Business Accounting division at KPMG two years ago to transform services for small and micro businesses.

My team here provide a wide range of accounting services, helping with cash flow management, reporting and that all important issue of funding. We work with a really wide range of companies such as coffee shops, retailers and technology firms.

I really like how KPMG makes me feel like an intrapreneur, someone who can innovate from within but has access to the amazing network and scale a firm like this possesses.

Having been there, done that and had the financial worry t-shirt, I really want to use the service Ive been developing at KPMG to provide a bit more confidence. And if, along the way, I manage to convince a few more people that they can be an intrapreneur? at a big four accountancy firm, well, that will be an added bonus.

As part of my role as expert for the Efficiency section on Business Advice, my pieces will be giving you insight on how this important role in business operation can be both improved and streamlined. Tax and admin is a key component to growth, but we all want greater piece of mind and an ability to stay on top of things.



Bivek Sharma has been a partner with KPMG for over ten years, specialising in accounting, tax and software. He started the Small Business Accounting division over two years ago with a goal to transform accounting services for small businesses. The team works with a huge variety of industry sectors and companies including coffee shops, technology companies, manufacturers, pubs, restaurants and retailers.