supply chain

IT supply chain

Navigating a complex IT supply chain

Faced with shrinking budgets, businesses need to be smarter when it comes to tech purchases. Yet, despite the best of intentions, organisations can unwittingly end up paying more than they need to on everyday IT equipment. more»

micro multinational

The rise of the micro multinational

As a micro business owner, going global can feel like a challenging prospect. But operating this way allows small firms to spread out the costs of manufacturing and still create products efficiently. By having some business components overseas, your micro enterprise can wield international influence. more»

Counterfeit goods

Counterfeit goods and the threat to the supply chain

Small business bosses constantly strive to safeguard their reputation, and in order to have continued trust and loyalty from customers, they must be able to guarantee the quality of their goods. However, in many situations companies don't have complete control over components and goods that enter the supply chain and that can wind up in their end product. more»