5 ways to attract the right partnerships to your startup

Transformation is what startups do best - it's why they exist. But while it's one thing to become a challenger in a sector, it's another thing to drive innovation forward and win advocates to support your business. One way that SMEs can grow and continue to disrupt is by securing partnerships that will prove beneficial to both parties. The great news for ambitious leaders is that global brands and corporations are looking out for the next hot startups to partner with. Many are aware that to remain a market leader they need startups to help support their own innovation, to keep them ahead of competitors. The agile nature of vibrant start-up allows for flexibility to adjust and respond to changing trends, quickly. That's exactly how a game-changing collaborative deal between London tech start-up Spoon Guru and retail giant Tesco came about in 2017. A partnership that redefined the way consumers with specific dietary needs or health preferences discover food, with the AI-powered search engine - hailed as the Google for food? offering complete transparency. So how do you implement such a strategy in your own company more»

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