7 Steps to Referrals That Could Change Your Life

Direct referrals are an excellent resource for any SME, especially if they come alongside a highly complimentary recommendation. The endorsement from previous customers or partners or fellow industry experts often translates into solid business opportunities for you, but how do you go about securing those referrals in the first place? Here is a 7 step guide that might just change your mindset and your strategy.  more»

The 5 Things Investors Look For in New Founders

Founders - when seeking investment for your startup, it’s crucial that you look at it from an investor’s perspective. Before making the big decision to fund your newest venture, investors, understandably, check multiple things are in place to make sure giving you their cash is going to be worthwhile and wise.  more»

Five Attributes to Look for in Early-Stage Investors

Last year proved good for investing despite the uncertainties of the pandemic. UK government figures show that tech start-ups and scaleups received a record-breaking £29.4bn in funding during 2021, up from £11.5bn in 2020. However, increased funding does not mean that the initial “match-making” step of pairing start-ups with the right investors has become any easier. more»

How SMEs Can Embrace Intellectual Property

The creativity of entrepreneurialism and dynamism of disrupters tend not to be associated with the rigidness of rights, rules, and regulations. It’s easy to see how entrepreneurial businesses may feel creativity could be hampered with bureaucracy and get wrapped up in red tape.   more»