2022 Forex Markets: Dynamics and Opportunities

If you think recent viral pandemics and creeping global inflation have affected capital and forex markets, get ready for more volatility. However, keep in mind that volatility can be an excellent thing for many individuals who invest and trade part-time or full-time from home. more»

A Good Forex Scalping Strategy

The forex market is a highly volatile space, which sees an estimated $6.6 trillion traded globally every day. Interestingly, there are numerous ways in which you can realise a profit in this market, depending on your risk profile, understanding of forex, and expectations in terms of a monthly yield. If you have a healthy appetite risk and want to pursue short-term gains, scalping may well be your preferred strategy. Here’s a breakdown of forex scalping and the key considerations. more»

rent or buy

Business Premises: Should You Rent or Buy?

Finding the right base for your business is one of the most important decisions to make as a business owner. Many great companies have been started at the kitchen table and the home can be a very cost-effective base for your business in the early years. However, when your company starts to grow, or if you require more space to store products, you’ll need to find suitable business premises. more»


The Rise of Femtech: 3 Startups Set to Drive a Rapidly Growing Industry

Femtech is a term that refers to personal technology geared towards women. Although widely regarded as a niche industry, for now, there’s little doubting that the essential products on offer and rate of growth driving femtech will aid its emergence into a mainstream market over the coming months and years. With this in mind, it’s worth exploring some of the SME companies that are set to drive the industry forward.  more»

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How to Improve Support for Women in the Workplace

Having gender equality within teams is undeniably beneficial.  When women are recruited into teams and senior positions, there is a boost in productivity and profitability. Over the past 15 years, there has been significant progress in women having more senior leadership positions across different industries. more»

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