Supply chain · 2 February 2018

Food and drink industry bosses partner with government to boost productivity

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Leading decision makers from across the UK food and drink industry have formed a partnership with the government to boost productivity and make the sector more competitive and sustainable.

The new Food and Drink Sector Council, which met for the first time on 29 January, is made up of leading figures from Britain’s agriculture, manufacturing, retail, logistics and hospitality sectors.

Council members include the likes of Judith Batchelar, the director of Sainsbury’s, Gavin Darby, the CEO of Premier Foods, Iain Ferguson, chairman of the infrastructure firm Stobart Group, and Cassandra Stavrou, the founder of Propercorn.

By establishing specialist working groups, the Council will develop recommendations and build on emerging proposals for each sector, for both industry and government.

The aim of the Council is to boost skills in the food and drink industry, increase agricultural output and improve the nation’s nutrition.


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Speaking following the first meeting, Ferguson, who is also the Council’s joint chair, said: Today has been possible due to the huge amount of work and commitment to bring the sector together.

it is exciting to see everyone in the same room working together to address the opportunities and challenges we face as an industry.



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