Supply chain · 14 July 2015

Our supply chain management expert: FedEx Express MD of Sales David Poole

I’mresponsible for ensuring that FedEx UK South gains and maintains the required revenue in order to successfully achieve key business objectives. Most recently this has involved overseeing the positive enhancement of our freight booking processes.

After initially joining FedEx in the role of customer service agent in 1995, I’veprogressed through a variety of positions including inside sales, field sales and retail development before moving into a pan-European role, where I developed and delivered FedEx core sales training material to both new and existing employees.

In 2006 Iaccepted myfirst leadership assignment for FedEx: heading up the inside sales teams for the UK and Ireland. The next four years were spent working as district sales manager for the East Midlands, North Wales and Staffordshire, working with a range of notable clients from large multi-nationals to dynamic and higher performing SMEs.

Most recently, I have been managing director of sales for the UK South organisation since September 2014, leading a group of eight managers and 120 sales professionals as part of myday-to-day duties.

Core to my objectives is the ongoing acquisition of sustainable quality revenue, while providing customers with the impeccable level of support and advice expected from a multi-national brand such as FedEx Express.

Away from the office, I enjoy’spending quality time with mywife Amanda, and ourtwo children. We’re allkeen travellers and spend much of ourholiday time exploring countries overseas.



David Poole is managing director of sales, UK South at FedEx Express and FedEx UK. FedEx Express is the world's largest express transportation company, providing fast and reliable delivery to every US address, as well as more than 220 countries and territories.?

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