Supply chain · 18 June 2018

a national disgrace?: England crash out of late payments World Cup 2018 with 2nd worst record in Europe

business legal responsibilities
business legal responsibilities
With Gareth Southgate’s team ready to test themselves at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, is there anything England could learn about late payments from fellow competing nations?

Coinciding with the 2018 World Cup, business intelligence firm Creditsafe used supply chain data from each competing country to find out who lifted the trophy for prompt supplier payments.

England made it out of the group stages, but with supplier payments late by an average of 16 days were knocked out by Columbia in the last sixteen, which had a stronger score of 8.9 days beyond payment terms.

Unfortuantely, England’s payment performance was worse than every single European nation apart from Portugal, where suppliers are paid an average 16.2 days beyond agreed terms.

World Cup veterans Brazil emerged as winners, with supplier payments made 4.3 days beyond agreed payment terms.

Country Days beyond
agreed terms
Country Days beyond
agreed terms
Brazil 4.3 England 16
Iceland 6.4 Portugal 16.2
Sweden 6.7 Korea, Republic Of 17.3
Germany 7.2 Australia 17.4
Denmark 8.7 Japan 18.4
Colombia 8.9 Mexico 19.4
Serbia 9.9 Tunisia 20.9
Poland 10 Peru 21.4
Argentina 10.8 Costa Rica 26.8
Spain 11.2 Iran, Islamic Republic Of 28.5
France 12.1 Morocco 31.2
Uruguay 13.4 Senegal 34.5
Switzerland 14.7 Nigeria 43.1
Russian Federation 14.7 Panama 43.6
Belgium 15.5 Egypt 46.7
Croatia 15.6 SaudI Arabia 48

Commenting on the late payments World Cup findings, Cato Syversen, Creditsafe CEO, said: it’s interesting to see that not only are Brazil on top of their sporting game, they are also on top when it comes to paying their suppliers.

with England, Im sure some would argue that reaching the last sixteen in the late payments tournament is a fair reflection of how the team is expected to perform on the pitch. However, it also indicates that there is much more that English businesses should be doing to ensure they are paying their suppliers on time.”

Open the image below to see Brazil’s route to the late payments final












Syversen added: The late payments World Cup highlights that a late payments culture exists around the world and England’s mid-ranking performance suggests there is more that can be learnt from countries far and wide.

a national disgrace?

Despite England’s reasonable record on the world stage, late payments continue to stifle small business growth in the UK.



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