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Accommodation and restaurant ventures boosted by new TripAdvisor features

Hoteliers and restaurant owners now have the means to measure their reputation more accurately

Popular travel site TripAdvisor has launched features that could help millions of small business owners around the world make more money from their online presence.

Two new tools, launched on TripAdvisor?s subscription products for businesses, have been designed to give hoteliers and restaurant owners the means to market themselves online, make booking decisions, stand out from their competitors and measure their online reputation more accurately.

Hotel and accommodation business owners can sign up to TripAdvisor?s Business Advantage feature to showcase their property to potential customers. The tool enables owners to highlight their best guest photos and assign cover images to their online photo albums and TripAdvisor property page.

An analytics suite also gives accommodation businesses owners access to more extensive data on guests and their engagement as well as competitor information.

Meanwhile, TripAdvisor?s premium feature for subscribing restaurant owners has been upgraded to include access to more advanced analytics, 24-hour email support and priority phone support from TripAdvisor?s team of support staff.

The so-called ?Favourite Reviews? feature also enables restaurant owners to attract new customers by showcasing their best customer reviews at the top of their TripAdvisor page. Another new feature, Storyboard, promises to transform the static photos left be customers into more dynamic visual presentation, highlighting restaurants? best features.

?We?ve designed these new subscription services to help our partners fully leverage the benefits that are possible when working with TripAdvisor,? said TripAdvisor?s senior vice president for global sales, Robin Ingle.

?An enhanced business page on TripAdvisor, available through these new subscription services, builds a better net to capture the interests of travellers. That net, plus a great hotel stay or dining experience for travellers, leads to more positive reviews. Ultimately, we believe these attributes lead to increased bookings and reservations.?

Over 10,000 businesses are added to the TripAdvisor website and app every week, with more than 6.8m businesses now listed across the globe in total.

In addition, travellers have published over 435m reviews of restaurants and hotels on TripAdvisor since the site was first launched 15 years ago, amounting to just over 280 a minute. The travel site has claimed that it 2014, it ?influenced? $478bn in global travel industry revenue.

Commenting on the company?s new offering, senior vice president at TripAdvisor Restaurant, Bertrand Jelensperger, said: ?We intend to deliver a series of innovative tools that help businesses take full advantage of the world?s largest community of travellers (and diners) here at TripAdvisor.?

Ingle added: ?Our research has shown that more proactive management of a presence on TripAdvisor, combined with frequent interaction with the data and insights we provide to subscriber partners in the online management centre, deepens engagement and drives increased revenue for businesses.?

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