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eBay reveals UK users? 24 hour shopping habits ahead of Black Friday

25 items are expected to sell on eBay every second on November 28
25 items are expected to sell on eBay every second on November 28
New research from has shed light on buyers? round-the-clock shopping habits ? and unveiled some surprising patterns.

According to the data, the most popular time for buying socks is just before 7.30pm ? with digital camera sales peaking at 11am, and Peppa Pig merchandise in demand in the early hours of the morning.

The auction site ? which celebrated its 20th birthday earlier in 2015 ? released the data ahead of Black Friday to help sellers predict demand. When sales of DVDs peak at around 8pm, visitors are expected to buy more than 50 every minute. eBay?s analysis also suggested that up to 840 games consoles per hour will be sold on Friday evening.

Some nine million predicted visits mean that 25 items are expected to sell on the site every second on November 28 ? widely seen as the start of peak seasonal trading. ?

Tanya Lawler, vice president for eBay Marketplaces in the UK, commented: ?The Black Friday shopping period is a hotly anticipated time for UK customers. Shoppers are savvier than ever, expecting great value and deals in the run up to Christmas.?

The site expects more than half of sales on Friday to come from smaller companies. Lawler told Yahoo!: “We’re giving an even higher profile to our seller community during one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. Over nine million UK shoppers are expected to visit us on Black Friday alone ? and we’ve put small businesses front and centre with that audience.”

Small businesses like security product retailer Spy Camera CCTV will be utilising eBay ? as well as the company?s own website and Amazon Marketplace ? to offer discounts to consumers on Friday. Last year Black Friday traffic was 30 per cent higher than on an average day ? with revenue 65 per cent higher than usual. Marketing manager Kayla Maratty said the firm has spent the last month training customer service staff for the ?biggest day of the year?.

A total of two in three eBay users will shop from a mobile device on November 28 ? reflecting the importance of mobile commerce this coming Black Friday.

Shopping app Mallzee, founded in 2013 and the most searched for shopping app on Black Friday last year, will be attempting to capitalise on this excitement by offering an additional ten per cent discount on purchases made on the day and over the weekend. Founder Cally Russell described the day of sales and promotions as an ?institution? and said he was excited to be launching a new version of the program to coincide with it.

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