Supply chain · 15 September 2016

Convenience trumps loyalty as online shoppers seek same-day delivery


Independent online retailers are urged to invest in same-day delivery methods in order to compete with big retailers, as new research shows that customer convenience is key to online success.

According to a study of 1, 020 online UK consumers by on-demand delivery platform Stuart, 72 per cent revealed they would spend more money if same-day delivery was available to them.

Convenient delivery was also found to be a more important driver than existing brand loyalty, with 79 per cent of those surveyed saying they would stop shopping at their favourite retailer if it failed to continue offering their preferred delivery method.

Whether or not small business owners view the barrier to entry for on-demand delivery as being too high, the survey found that 96 per cent of consumers? favourite retailers did not yet offer same-day delivery, revealing a gap in the market that is yet to be filled even by the UK’s largest retailers.

In a statement, UK general manager at Stuart, David Saenz, spoke of the untapped goldmine? of on-demand shopping, claiming that retailers who took advantage of the demand will not only be winning the race for consumer loyalty but will also reap the financial rewards that come with it.

The research showed that each customer failed to spend an average of 168 every year due to the lack of a same-day delivery option, a total of 4.9bn in revenue for the retail sector.



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