Procurement 3 August 2016

Stand and deliver Advantages of standing desks

standing desk
Standing desks may improve staff performamce of different types of work
The use of standing desks in offices is on the rise ahem. Here, BrightHR’s Nick Hancill takes a look at how they affect workspaces.

Ive always liked experimenting with things. I think it’s what drew me to the kind of work I do, and as a result, I get to understand how and why things work a little more every time.

Experimenting with personal productivity and wellbeing is often the most interesting aspect of what I do, as acting as your own guinea pig means you instantly absorb any benefit or improvement along the way.

BrightHR has tools to help us communicate, organise our thoughts, express ideas and so on, but sometimes the tool itself isnt the problem. Our work is affected by how we interact with our surroundings, so having a progressive, open plan office is a huge bonus.

Long gone are the days of cubicles and grey partitions. Today we have a fantastic office space which is becoming the norm rather than the exception, and now I have the remit to take my immediate surroundings to another level. Hence, the standing desk.

It began as an experiment: Let’s see if Im more energised after using it for a week. However, over time I began to notice it also changinghowI worked. It delivered on all the wellbeing benefits that inherently come with standing desks. I had more energy, burned more calories all that good stuff. But I also found I was able to perform different types of work more successfully.

Fiddly design jobs were still reserved for when I sat. It just seemed to fit. However, things like breaking down detailed requirements into challenges, organising your thoughts, visualising large sets of information and smashing through administration-type tasks, seemed to be infinitely easier when standing.

Whether it’s the additional focus, energy or simply a loftier? position that helps, Ive no idea but I urge you to try it.

I also found that when standing, Im far more likely to communicate with the team around me, or walk across the office and chat a problem through face to face instead of relying on email. I feel it’s completely improved my productivity strengthening the legs is just a happy by-product.