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How to prepare your business for an office move

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Good planning means an office move does not have to be stressful
Whether you are moving office because you want more space or simply downsizing to cut down costs, the key to reduce the stress of an office move is to plan ahead, writes All Boxed removal expert Amy Usher.

Whether you are moving office because you want more space or simply downsizing to cut down costs, an office move can be extremely stressful for both employers and employees.

The key to reduce the stress of an office move is to plan ahead. You should create a careful and thorough plan for every aspect of the office move. This will reduce any stress and you will feel confident in what you’re doing when moving day arrives.

Before you begin to plan the office move you will have to get to know your new location and what it’s capable of. You can’t move everyone into an office and end up finding out you have no internet lines and hub, for example.

Also, visit the new location often to get measurements and a clear idea of where any old furniture will go, and if you need any new furniture. This will save a lot of time and money and on move day you will know exactly what needs to go where, making the process run smoothly.


Use professionals

An office move can be very daunting. Especially the fact that you are losing a day’s business, therefore getting the physical move done swiftly will mean you can get back into the swing of things quickly.

The key to getting the physical move without stress free is to contact a professional office removals company.

Plan ahead and book the removals company in good time. The removals company will work with you right up until moving day by assessing what furniture needs moving, a plan as to where everything will go in the new location, the best date and time for the move and also any possible access problems they may have such as parking issues and stairs.

A removals company will know the best way to organise packing up office furniture safely whilst people are still working, theyll also know how to relocate technical equipment such as phones and computers. This will make the day of the move less stressful therefore allowing you to concentrate on your employees and getting back to business swiftly.


Appoint a team

Depending on the size of your office prepare a team of senior members of staff you trust to help out with the move. These employees could come in extremely handy especially if you arent available to discuss the move with solicitors, landlords and the removal company itself, during the move.

At the end of the day, it is not only you going through this change your whole office of employees are as well. An office move can be very daunting for employees as they do not know what is in store for them, especially if you are downsizing your staff may be thinking that their jobs could be on the line.

By keeping employees in the loop, even showing them the new office, it will give them that sense of security. By involving employees and communicating with them the plan you have in mind, it will make moving day a lot less stressful as everyone will know their role for the day and keep them out of your hair so you can get on with the task at hand.


Take your time

When planning an office move, the essential tip is to take your time. These things can not be rushed.

Plan your move in stages, this way you will be able to check off what you have done and therefore when you have completed a stage. Doing this will help you keep on track of what you have done and what needs doing.



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