Procurement · 3 July 2017

Coffee shop economy booms as more and more workers shun offices

Some 13 per cent of us work in a coffee shop every day
As many as 80 per cent of UK staff have worked from a coffee shop, with 13 per cent of us doing so every day, new research into the growth of the coffee shop economy has revealed.

Britons spend an average of 2, 160 a year working from the so-called coffice, with workers closing business deals worth around 14.5bn a year to the UK economy whilst in coffee shops, a study carried out by voucher site MyVoucherCodes has shown.

The attitudes of larger UK employers towards the coffee shop economy also appears to be shifting, with more firms letting staff work remotely in coffee shops.

Going against the common assumption that the self-employed are more likely to work from coffee-shops, 75 per cent of staff in larger firms reported having often chosen to work in a coffee shop over their office, with the approval of line managers.

Despite growth in the coffee shop economy and an increase in the number of business deals being struck in Britain’s coffices, working from a coffee shop does bring its own additional costs. The average UK employee spends 2, 160 a year eight per cent of their salary working from coffee shops. This climbs to 2, 600 on average for self-employed workers.

Commenting on the statistics, managing director at MyVoucherCodes, Chris Reilly, said: This shows that the coffice? as a place for Brits to work and cut business deals, is on the rise.

with 13 per cent of us working out of a coffee shop every day, and the UK coffee shop market experiencing strong growth that is forecast to continue, the coffice? trend is set to maintain popularity for a while yet.



Fred Heritage was previously deputy editor at Business Advice. He has a BA in politics and international relations from the University of Kent and an MA in international conflict from Kings College London.

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