Procurement · 29 April 2016

What consumers want from mobile payments, and how you can give it to them

Spice Kitchen
Sanjay Aggarwal used his mother as inspiration for the business
In the second of our four-part series of thought-provoking infographics and inspirational case studies compiled in partnership with Paym, the way to get paid using just a mobile number, Business Advice holds a spotlight over mobile payments from a consumer’s perspective.

Not only are small business owners increasingly experiencing the benefits of a more convenient and secure way to receive payment, consumers are feeling the impact too. Demand for mobile payment technology is on the up, as shoppers are seeing more of the benefits and reaping greater rewards.

To illustrate the rising popularity of mobile payments amongst Britain’s consumers, we both compiled our latest helpful and informative infographic (see below) and spoke to Sanjay Aggarwal owner and co-founder of family-run artisanal spice business, Spice Kitchen.

Started over Christmas Day dinner in 2012 by mother and son team ShashI and Sanjay, the idea behind Spice Kitchen centred on Shashi’s breadth of knowledge and experience cooking with spices and spice blends.

More than 40 years? regular cooking of 12-course banquets of Indian food made ShashI a fountain of spice-related knowledge, and after having launched on Christmas, her home-made blends began selling online within 24 hours on Boxing Day.

my mum is an extremely good cook, Sanjay said. ‘she had recently retired and wanted a new pet project, so I thought why not consider selling home-made blends. I took a few pictures of mum’s spice tins and she got to work on the recipes and we were able to start selling immediately.

As the orders came rolling in, Sanjay began to realise the potential of the business in mid-2013. Although 90 per cent of its customers are UK-based, Spice Kitchen blends have now started selling all over the world, with clients in countries as diverse as Turkey and Canada.

we anticipate that roughly 10 to 25 per cent of our customers are using their mobile phones to make payments with, Sanjay said. We take payments in all sorts of ways, but because at the moment were largely a mail-order business we rely heavily on online payments, and mobile phones are increasingly the primary tool for that.

The Spice Kitchen website has been made mobile-friendly? to cater for the growing numbers of consumers accessing it on the go. Sanjay went on to say: Thinking about a mobile strategy is critical for any ecommerce site. Making sure your website is mobile-friendly can make the difference between getting your business out of the starting blocks or not.

The family-run firm has recently secured larger trade orders and is struggling to cope with demand. Third-party online payment providers have been crucial to growth so far, but for Sanjay, meeting customers face-to-face is now the priority and mobile payments an evermore pressing consideration.

consumers want to buy things they can see, smell and touch, said Sanjay. They demand faster and easier ways to pay for the goods they want, and mobile phones have already been proved as a good tool for doing that.



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