Procurement · 20 July 2016

Vodafone aims for micro firms with new business broadband service

Vodafone is targeting micro businesses with new broadband and telephony packages
A suite of new Vodafone offerings has been unveiled across Britain in an attempt to provide better services to micro businesses.

The telecoms giant has launched new business broadband and landline phone packages, offering faster and more reliable services to ventures with less than ten staff.

Designed specifically with the nation’s micro firms in mind, the new measures include innovative features such as beamforming technology and ‘smartDivert? capability to help business owners manage calls.

Vodafone’s superfast fibre broadband promises to deliver internet speeds of up 76Mbps to the UK’s micros, while Vodafone Business Broadband and Phone packages will enable company owners to stay connected to their organisation across multiple platforms, whether in the office or on the move.

An innovative broadband router which uses beamforming technology to send stronger WiFI signals to compatible desktop computers, laptops, mobile or tablet devices will be included in the packages. This gives micro business owners the option to prioritise signal to a chosen device, allowing for quicker downloading.

Vodafone’s accompanying app enables the router to be controlled via a mobile device, and lets micro owners manage who has access to its network through a guest WiFI function. The SmartDivert feature means employees can divert landline calls to mobile when away from the office.

Recognising the need for better connectivity among UK small businesses, Vodafone UK enterprise director, Phil Mottram said in a statement: Weve invested heavily in a network of enterprise quality fibre optic broadband, and can now offer broadband and landline phone packages that are feature-rich with enhanced levels of service.

With one number to call for broadband, fixed line and mobile service support, and with a pledge to rectify faults within just one working day, Vodafone hopes levels of business customer satisfaction will improve with the introduction of its new packages.

Mottram added: ‘superfast, reliable, secure broadband is absolutely essential to keep the country’s businesses in business. The arrival of Vodafone broadband for small businesses is exciting news for the UK.



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