Procurement · 23 June 2016

This Sunday, even entrepreneurs will be switching off

Over 500, 000 people took part in the inaugural event last year
British business leaders with children will be turning of their electronic devices on 26 June 2016 to spend time with their families as part of the UK’s second National Unplugging Day.

The event was created in 2015 by entrepreneur Gemma Johnson, founder of pre-paid discount card business BaBeeCard, with the intention of rescuing family time from the demands of always on? working culture. Over 500, 000 people took part in the inaugural event.

Results of a small business survey published by Instaprint in February 2016 revealed that almost half of small firm owners had sacrificed family time to work on their enterprise. And a study conducted by Simply Business in 2015 discovered that more than half a million micro business leaders had skipped holidays with their children for the same reason.

too many small business owners are failing to make enough time for their lives outside work, losing sleep due to stress and sacrificing social activities with family and friends, said Emma Mamo, head of workplace wellbeing at mental health charity Mind.

Johnson described the aim of National Unplugging Day as a way of encouraging children and parents to spend time offline together? and engaging in activities that foster communication and create lasting memories.



Hannah Wilkinson is a reporter for Business Advice. She studied economics and management at Oxford University and prior to joining Business Advice wrote for Kensington and Chelsea Today about business and economics as well as running a tutoring company.

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