Procurement · 15 November 2018

1 in 3 workers think a robot could do a better job than their boss

Robot boss
Will machines be able to make better decisions than humans in the workplace?

A third of workers believe a robot would be better than their boss at making decisions, new survey findings have shown.

According to the Advanced Trends Report 2018/19, produced by software group Advanced, 34% of employees said they would prefer a robot telling them what to do and when if it had access to the right business intelligence.

Nearly two-thirds said they would be happy to work alongside robotic technology if it meant fewer manual processes. This, Advanced said, was most likely because automation acts as a workforce multiplier, increasing output while reducing time wasted on repetitive and low-skilled duties.

Indeed 42% of workers said theyd spend an extra 60 minutes a day, if they had it available, on planning and forecasting. The majority 72% said they have already adopted technology to automate tasks and processes, albeit many of these are likely using simple commands to handle defined actions.



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