Procurement · 14 July 2015

Our procurement technology expert: DigiServed CEO Kleanthis Georgaris

I’m the founder and CEO of DigiServed, the Amazon? marketplace for creative freelance services.

DigiServed aims to transform the way businesses hire freelance talent online. Based on a pioneering ecommerce model that makes the experience of buying freelance services as simple as buying products online, the platform enables entrepreneurs to build online businesses quickly and easily; using quality, affordable freelance services from proven specialists around the world.

One of the main issues every entrepreneur faces is time and access to affordable talent. It may not be possible to maintain an in-house team but at the same time, it’s vital to hire the best people to help make the difference – which is when freelancers prove invaluable. Unfortunately, the tried-and-tested model that most platforms have used until now does work, but barely. Entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners have, for even the smallest of projects, been forced to write a brief, post a job, wait for bids, sort the good from the bad, take interviews and negotiate rates all of which proved to be incredibly time consuming.

DigiServed’s aim is to enable companies to take advantage of the unique benefits of using freelancers; making the process so effortless and streamlined that anyone is able to build fully-fledged online businesses, simply by buying freelance services as building blocks for their business.

Ibegan my career as an engineer, having worked for Microsoft and a number of technology startups, before taking on the role as management consultant for McKinsey & Co. I’ve built upextensive experience in the internet space especially in online marketplaces. Having been involved in all phases of a startup including marketing, product development and strategic business growth, I have a very good sense of what is needed to start a business, develop and scale it. When launching several successful tech startups, I’ve concentrated on combining hands-on experience with strategic thinking, and in-depth technical knowledge with business management experience.



Kleanthis Georgaris is the founder and CEO of DigiServed, the ?Amazon? marketplace for creative freelance services. An experienced software engineer and digital commerce expert, Kleanthis has worked for several global organisations including Microsoft and McKinsey.

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