Procurement 22 September 2016

Nine reasons cloud computing will help your small business

Cloud computing ensures that your data is secure, giving you the time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.
Data and technology expert Vik Tara, co-founder of property management app Rentr, looks at how cloud computing can bring a whole world of benefits to a small business.

In the 1990s there was a transformation for the property industry with the creation of simple PC programs that managed all paperwork in-house, to the internet boom where all information was accessible from anywhere.

Here at Rentr we love the cloud and have done for quite some time. Our background is in creating software that makes life a lot easier for the agency side of the property industry.

(1)cloud computing is flexible

Above everything, our favourite aspect of cloud computing is its flexibility. If you need to grow, from cloud based systems it is easy to do so. New members of the work force can jump into documents and plans from anywhere in the world with a simple password and an internet connection. This makes your business agile, in the ever changing market places that a lot of us are in now you can’t put a price on evolution and flexibility.

The beautiful thing about the cloud is that whilst somehow being a lot more flexible, it is far more reliable. Software is hosted in places that are backed by huge investment, your smaller spend is added to other users? spend and the overall result is extremely reliable. Like a good business these places thrive on reputation.

(2)’software updates are automatic

All data centre servers are in a secure location offsite. Suppliers take care of everything, there is no waiting for a security update or general software updates, these happen behind the scenes and everything we work on is completely up to date saving us time and stress.


Using the cloud can make everything more secure, peace of mind allows you to concentrate on other aspects of the business in the comfort that all your data is secure, a laptop coffee spill, a stolen hard drive or a simple mis-click will not affect your business again. The Aberdeen Group even states that small businesses are twice as likely to have implemented cloud-based backup servicesthan larger ones. Are you one of these pioneers?

After all, when was the last time we heard about a government official losing a floppy disk on a train?


You might be wondering about the costs, but a small monthly subscription actually negates the need for other in house costs and infrastructure. It doesn’t seem like long ago that we all needed the most powerful PCs to run various browsers and apps at the same time.

Now, with a lot of the processing taking places in the datacenters, our machines can be cheaper and far more convenient. A small laptop can harness the power of an entire datacenter from a cafe, the office or the living room sofa.

(6)become more competitive

At minimal monthly costs, your fledgling company can have access to the software that five years ago would have cost the same as a two bed flat in London. Gone are the days of paying several thousand pounds for one or two licenses for software that will be out of date a year later.

Now, a monthly subscription online can provide the same fire power that never expires. Time = money. Due to the time reduction spent with IT issues, the company can become more productive and business focused.

(6)collaboration is key

For growing small teams this is perfect, as collaboration is ever so important to companies on the up. Cloud-based workflows and services such as Google Drive and DropBox can be updated and worked on simultaneously the world over.



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