Procurement · 28 March 2017

Lack of customer security puts millions of online shoppers at risk

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Half of all online business owners didn’t know how to respond to a customer security breach
One in ten online business owners have no customer security measures to protect the credit card details of shoppers, according to new research.

A poll of over 13, 000 ecommerce website owners, by domain provider 123 Reg, found that a fifth didnt know who handled their site’s security, while half were not prepared for any kind of online attack.

Further, while eight per cent of online business owners admitted to having been hacked, almost one in ten couldnt say whether customer security had been breached or not. The stark statistics could be putting many online consumers at risk.

Commenting on the findings, 123 Reg director Nick Leech said a team effort? was required to bolster customer security.

business owners can easily implement simple, yet crucial, security measures, which can help keep them safe against online attacks.

by continuously updating online programmes, regularly changing passwords and installing the latest security products, Britain’s small business owners can stay secure and continue to thrive, he said in a statement.

Online sales continue to take an ever growing share of UK sales and transactions. Recent research from eBay suggested that business owners yet to invest in a website could be forfeiting an annual sales boost of 20, 000.

Being responsible for a customer security breach could deal a potentially lethal blow to brand reputation and a crucial source of revenue. In 2016, over eight in ten online consumers said a breach of their data would prevent them from shopping with the guilty website ever again.

Research conducted in 2016 by Get Safe Online revealed that over 1bn had been lost in just a year as a result of customer security breaches. The subsequent campaign urged business owners to ensure staff had better training to spot signs of fraud.



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