Procurement 16 September 2015

How to access tech cheaply and efficiently for your micro business

Data security is a big issue for small firms  too many get complacent which can prove costly
Data security is a big issue for small firms too many get complacent which can prove costly
The managing director of IT retailer King of Servers explains why innovations like the cloud aren’t solely the realm of bigger companies and can be a key way for micro businesses to cheaply and efficiently access tech.

There have been many debates about the IT needs of micro businesses. It may not be surprising that many firms comprising of fewer than nine employees are of the belief that using the latest technology is not a key priority, and that moving with the times is not as important as it is for larger, well-known companies. But guess what? This could actually be holding you back.

Firms of all sizes rely heavily on a vision, but for micro businesses in particular, balancing the planning required to achieve this vision with their ongoing IT needs can be a major challenge. So, what’s the best thing to do? In order to survive in any market and any industry, you need to compete and in order to do that, it’s quite possible you will need to upgrade your IT.

A daunting prospect

Innovation can be challenging for micro businesses, as money is usually at the forefront of everything the company does. In the digital era we live in however, small companies can harness technology to compete on an even playing field with global enterprises IT can help them to gain that all important market share.

The good news is technology is getting cheaper and easier to access for companies of all sizes, which is helping smaller namescreate strong and effective strategies that can complement wider objectives.

Moving to the cloud

It can be all too easy for smaller companies to assume that innovations like the cloud are reserved only for global businesses but this quite simply is not the case. In fact, the majority of cloud services have been built with firms of all sizes in mind not to mention the fact that SMEs make up the biggest share of the cloud application market as it currently stands. But why? Put simply, the benefits and business efficiencies offered by cloud computing at such an affordable price are too good for many firms to pass up.

In short, the cloud is a way for micro businesses to access IT and web services without the need to operate several dedicated servers. This areahelps to save space, of the digital and physical variety – something that is particularly important for smaller companies. All you need is a good internet connection.

Protecting your assets