Procurement · 26 July 2018

A new service wants to erase your online history and protect your reputation co-founder KaI Feller
Ever worried that something you once said online might come back to haunt you? A new service could wipe your slate clean., a professional services platform which connects local services with members of the public, has begun listing professional eradicators? alongside graphic designers, photographers and private investigators.

The launch of the platform follows recent research which revealed 70% of employers scour the social media profiles of job candidates ahead of an interview.

business people and influencers in an industry may have information online theyd prefer to keep private.

The platform is targeting fears among members of the public that potentially damaging information on themselves exists on the internet, and could be uncovered by potential clients, customers and employers.

Commenting on the launch of its new services, co-founder KaI Feller said: ‘so much of our lives are lived online now that people might have said something controversial when they were younger and nave, but not realise they can still suffer the consequences today.

“Some people use social media to vent or complain and don’t think about the permanent nature of their digital footprint.”

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This year has seen a handful of prominent celebrities, including YouTuber Zoella and grime star Stormzy, pay the price for allegedly racist and homophobic comments made when they were younger.

Just last weekend, director James Gunn was fired from his upcoming role directing Guardians of the Galaxy 3 after a publication discovered offensive tweets published over five years ago. is leveraging the insecurities around the online “mob mentality”



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