Procurement · 6 December 2018

Employers urged by staff to protect the environment better

Fewer than half of businesses had recycling facilities
As’scientists unite around the reality of climate change, UK employees have urged their bosses to do more to protect the environment.

According to a new report from energy performance and carbon management experts Carbon Credentials, there is a real lack of commitment? amongst UK firms to drive sustainable change. Only 10% have set a carbon reduction target with just under half of firms using even the most basic environmentally friendly measures such as recycling bins for office waste.

the Carbon Commitment report? found that out of the 1, 000 heads of sustainability and business owners questioned, none had set science-based targets. These demonstrate a company’s commitment to a low carbon future.

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A further 1, 000 junior managers and below were also questioned with 57% stating that their employers arent doing enough to involve them in cutting their carbon footprint at work.

Three-quarters of employees have no idea what their organisation’s carbon reduction targets are and 57% said they don’t, or don’t always trust UK firms to deliver on their sustainability claims.

Just 14% of large businesses with over 250 employees have set staff personal goals and targets to cut their own workplace carbon footprint, only 9% incentivise staff to save energy at work, and only 7% regularly communicate internally the energy savings made.

Only 4% of employees said their organisation links staff bonuses to cut carbon emissions and to save energy at work despite 66% saying theyd support such a scheme.

Only a few offered other incentives to reduce employees? individual carbon footprint such as increased annual leave, or financial benefits for cycling to work.

Paul Lewis, CEO at Carbon Credentials, said: Our report has shown that staff are engaged and willing to help organisations to be more carbon efficient, but that they arent being given the incentives, tools and sometimes the support to do this. Getting leadership buy in and the budgets to implement energy saving innovations remains a challenge.



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