Procurement · 3 May 2017

Broadband, mobile and energy Tell us whether you like your business suppliers or not

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When it comes to customer satisfaction, some of the UK’s biggest broadband and energyproviders have started to develop a negative reputation
Nobody ever said running a small company would be easy. Consideringthe extensive daily responsibilities of a small business owner, one thing Britain’s community of busy entrepreneurs don’t have time for is chasing up business suppliersfor a connectivity blackout or a website crash.

Unfortunately, many suppliers are still failing todeliverthe level of service needed to run a small company efficiently.

Now, we want to take your experiences of poor customer service and dud deals to the suppliers. To help us fight the corner of small business owners, were asking you to take out your frustrations on our supplier satisfaction survey.

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Anybody’small business owner knows the importance of a fast and reliable broadband connection. The debate over how to best serve the small business community has seen government commit 200m for infrastructure investment.

However, too many entrepreneurs continue to suffer at the hands of slow internet and poor customer service. Tell us how your network is performing.


As with broadband, gas and electricity are obvious staples for any working space. But again, many small companies are let down by poor customer service.

Citizen’s Advice has campaigned for affordable, accessible, safe and fair? non-domestic energy. Will this desirable balance ever be a reality for small business owners, or is there an inevitable trade-off between price and delivery?


England’s water utility market was deregulated on 1 April 2017, giving small business owners the option to choose whichever supplier they felt could best meet their needs.

By opening up the market, water watchdog Ofwat suggested up to 200m would be saved by owners. We want to know what the real experiences have been of small business owners and their water suppliers.?

Mobile phone network

When choosing a mobile phone network, small business owners are faced with the most crowded marketplace of any kind of service.

We want to use those experiences to uncover the hidden gems and help busy entrepreneurs find the most suitable services for their journey.

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