Procurement · 9 February 2018

PayPal Here launches two new card payment readers for small businesses

PayPal said the new readers will give business owners mobility and convenience
Payment platform PayPal has launched two new card readers for PayPal Here, the payment platform’s card payment tool for businesses.

The two new card readers, which include a chip and swipe? reader as well as a chip and tap? reader, have been introduced to help PayPal users receive payments by credit or debit card offline.

Both card readers are designed to enable small business owners to easily accept chip card and card swipe transactions from almost any location.

In an announcement, a PayPal spokesperson said: The new PayPal Here readers help business owners provide this level of mobility and convenience without the need for clunky hardware or wires tying them down to a traditional point of sale terminal.

According to PayPal, the two new readers are smaller than a deck of cards, making them easily portable. They can connect to any mobile device vis Bluetooth, and include a rechargeable battery, giving them a longer battery life than previous card readers.

this makes it easy for business owners to accept payments nearly anywhere they might need to quickly and securely, the spokesperson added.

The launch of PayPal Here’s latest card readers follows last year’s introduction of Money Pools, PayPal’s new online whip round? service for secure group payments, for things like gifts or special events.

The service promised to make it easier for small firms to plan work events, split the cost of gifts between colleagues and paying for business travel costs, for example.

Announcing Money Pools in November 2017, a PayPal spokesperson said: Money Pools were created to provide the millions of people who already use PayPal P2P with a more personalised and organised way to share expenses for things like travel, gifts, celebrations and even recurring expenses.



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