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Top startups to watch in Q4 of 2019

What are the top startups to watch in Q4 of 2019?

Want to keep an eye on the new companies that are expected to thrive in the coming months? Well, here are the startups you should be looking out for in the upcoming quarter.

Yu Life?

This London-based startup is poised to become the next big thing in the insurance sector and has just managed to raise ?11 million in its latest funding round led by Creandum Funds.?

Yu Life

Yu Life offers life insurance for employees, filling a vital gap in the market (it is estimated that 87 percent of SMEs have no life insurance policy in place for staff). The startup helps to streamline the process through a wellbeing app that is used to record employee?s health and fitness and give Yu coin rewards for every mile walked or run.

Users can receive a variety of rewards, such as gift cards, vouchers, and even air miles for the activities they complete. Founded in 2016 and based in Camden, they will be relocating to Shoreditch in Q4 and have partnered with a number of large companies, including AIG and ASOS.

Proquo AI??

Another exciting startup to look out for is Proquo AI.?Previously known as Transgressive X but recently rebranded to Proquo AI,the startup helps brands with their analytics to find out what customers really think of them.


It helps customers understand their brand?s performance versus their main competition in real time, using AI technology so that it is possible for business owners to understand the key drivers of performance, important patterns and how to best facilitate growth.

My Financial Broker?

My Financial Broker is a new loan broker created by a team that has over 35 years of combined lending in the UK. It helps customers to find the perfect lender they need through their affiliate-lending network, and it comes at no cost for the customer.?

The startup is thriving. It accepts over 2,000 applications per day, with this number increasing as the firm continues to expand.

My Financial Broker

My Financial Broker is based in Bournemouth and, while it currently specialises in short-term loans, it has big plans for the months ahead.?It will soon start to provide brokering services for mortgages and credit cards alongside the services it provides.

Funding Invoice?

Funding Invoice is a full online marketplace platform that was started in 2012. It helps make the process of collecting and processing invoices for businesses easier than ever before, thanks to its simple-to-use portal.

Funding Invoice

Customers can upload invoices and documents, and also keep an eye out for any payment fees or information pertaining to an invoice finance loan application, all in one place. Business owners have the potential to get invoice financing for up to 70% to 85% of the invoice value upfront once their application has been approved.

The firm is currently undergoing expansion, having recently opened a facility to help fashion brands with invoicing by giving them accounting advice and warehouse space for their stock.

Forces Compare?

This startup has been founded by Alfie Usher, an ex-soldier, and specialises in insurance and finance for armed forces personnel and their families.

In fact, Forces Compare?is the very first military insurance comparison site available in the UK, and it specifically works with other veteran-owned companies through a veteran network to provide financial products that meet the specific needs of those in the military.

Forces Compare

Users can browse hundreds of insurance policies at competitive rates, and the startup also provides other services for military personnel. For example, it helps customers with legal claims regarding military tax refunds or MOD housing claims.

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