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Pollpic: The app encouraging users to get opinionated

Alvan Whittaker and Ranjet Chohan
Alvan Whittaker and Ranjet Chohan

Ranjet Chohan, co-founder of mobile app Pollpic, discusses how he’s aiming to make his poll creator app the go-to device for gauging opinion, collating data while providing a fun route to engagement for its users.

Pollpic allows users to create image-based polls that can be shared through Facebook and Twitter to collect people’s opinions on everything from sport to celebrities.

The idea emerged after Chohan’s wife repeatedly sent him (and several of her friends) pictures of outfits while out shopping to get their opinion. Chohan wanted a quicker and simpler way to answer – and also wanted to find out if he was as fashion-forward as he hoped, to see if his thoughts lined up with those of his wife’s friends.

With co-founder Alvan Whittaker, Chohan hopes the app’s potential will see it become an influencer with decision-making, as users can provide opinions directly to celebrities or brands in real-time. Popular polls trend live to encourage further engagement.

(1) Who are you and what’s your business?

We’re Ranjet Chohan and Alvan Whittaker, founders of Pollpic, a mobile app that allows users to gather opinions from friends and followers on anything from music to fashion. Users create fast, simple polls using images to compare anything, collecting results in real time. It’s fast and playful – just swipe and see the results.

(2) How long have you been around for?  

We started in July 2014, building the concept out of an original idea – my wife asking for advice via texts while out shopping. We released our beta app in March, followed by a real launch in July. So, Pollpic has been live now for four months and we’re just about to release version two.

(3) How do you make money?  

We will monetise in several ways from affiliate links to anonymised data.  Partnerships and user acquisition are the priority right now.

(4) What makes you different and why should people take notice?  

Pollpic facilitates real-time feedback and enables brands to better engage with their existing social communities in a playful way.  Brands get fast informed opinions and followers get to give their opinion and influence decisions in a really engaging  way by just swiping images left or right, then seeing the results.

(5) What was key in terms of getting started?

Putting together a great development team and raising some bootstrapping cash then stocking up on caffeine.


(6) What’s your biggest achievement to date?

Having some high profile early adopters like House of Holland, Thriller Live and a major football club (soon to be live) and many more adopters in the pipeline now. We’re about to head out to the US to meet with a major sports team there which is exciting.

(7) What setbacks have you had along the way?

With all software development we have had our fair share of  bugs with server and very late nights fixing them but it goes with the territory. I should probably mention never having any money too.

(8) In five years’ time, I will be…

Looking for warehouses to accommodate our own servers as it’s hard to host 500m global Pollpic users.

(9) What one tip would you give to others starting out?

Fully commit.  Don’t have a plan B. Ignore the 99 per cent that say it won’t work and focus on the one per cent. Break some rules… oops that’s more than one tip.

(10) Who are your business heroes and why?

Nicola Tesla.  He wasn’t the best businessman, but what a mind – an unbelievably underrated genius. And Elon Musk because he named his company after Tesla! Sergey Brin is a hero of Alvan’s. He has taken and revolutionised the internet. His forward thinking and passion for success is truly inspirational.

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