On the up · 12 July 2018

“I fell in love with my co-founder”: Do you mix business with pleasure?

Could this be you?
Are you in a relationship with your business partner? We want to hear from the entrepreneurial couples who started their business together and the startup co-founders who found love along the way.

According to research from FreeAgent, 1.4m of the UK’s 4.7m family-owned businesses are estimated to be run by couples.

This figure is expected to rise further, after a recent survey found that 10% of UK workers would like to start a business within the year many in partnership with their significant other.

Separate findings, from the Harvard Business Review, found that women who start a business with their partner earn 27% more than before they were in a “copreneur” relationship. In relationships with just one entrepreneur, the study suggested, women earn 33% less.

Commenting on the prominence of entrepreneurial couples, Ed Molyneux, co-founder of FreeAgent, said: While many will choose to go solo, we believe that there will be a significant number who decide to team up with their partner to start and run a business together.



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