On the up · 2 May 2017

Flexible employment app BuzzHire now counts Deliveroo among its clients

BuzzHire’s supply of hospitality and logistics staff helps startups recruit at short notice
The premise behind BuzzHire is simple enough create a marketplace that brings freelancers together with businesses seeking short-term workers.

Since 2015 BuzzHire has been generatimg a growing supply of flexible workers for startups across London, and even counts gig economy success story Deliveroo as a client. The platform is able to supply temporary workers in just a few hours, with a rating system that will be familiar to any user of Uber’s taxI app.

By responding to both the demands of freelancers and contract workers as well as the companies dependent on flexible employment, BuzzHire has changed the way short-term work is accessed in the UK capital.

Business Advice sat down with co-founder Nick Miller to learn more about the technology powering the platform and find out what it takes to stay ahead of the competition in a burgeoning sector.

  1. Who are you and what’s your business?

I’m Nick Miller, co-founder and CEO of BuzzHire. We make finding temporary staff or work easier, quicker and more transparent.

Our smart tech is changing the way people work and allowing tens of thousands to better manage their flexible work schedule.

  1. How long have you been around for?

We launched the site and apps in August 2015.

  1. How do you make money?

For an employer to sign up and post a job is free. We take a small commission (clearly displayed on checkout) for every successful shift that is completed by one of our Buzzworkers.

  1. What makes youdifferent and why should people take notice?

The world of work is changing, with many more people opting for flexible freelancer or contract work.

As the new generation enter the workforce, their desire to dictate their own schedule along with their reliance on smartphones to manage many aspects of their life, will result in the need for an app to connect them quickly with relevant work and enable them to manage their multiple employers.

We use proprietary technology to match people with the perfect companies for them, ensuring better experiences for both parties.

  1. What was key in terms of getting started?

In the fast moving tech space it was important to get the seed investment required to build this innovative platform quickly. The process of raising funds always takes longer than expected, so securing this quickly was key in really speeding up our launch.

  1. What’s your biggest achievement to date?

Completing 15, 000 successful shifts in our first year.

  1. What setbacks have you had along the way?



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