On the up · 22 October 2019

Five admin and mindset hacks for success


When building and developing a business it’s vital to work towards a clear set of goals to provide direction, motivation and a measure of success. However, entrepreneurship is often a lonely road where it’s commonplace for individuals to struggle not with why? they want to create their own version of success, but with how.

To achieve great outcomes in business, we first need to stop doing some of the things weve been taught as a tool for growth: stop selling, ‘stop asking for referrals and most importantly stop focusing on being busy instead of productive.

That said, how exactly can you grow and develop your business? And, more importantly, what can you change personally to become the best version of yourself? From personal experience, I believe the following five steps are fundamental to success:

1. Rethink referrals

In business, referrals are one of the best ways to grow your client base, yet so many entrepreneurs fail to set up an official referral process. When growing Forte Financial LLP, we established a clear approach where new clients provide referrals on demand? to ensure new business levels consistently increase.

2. Improve communication

In business, it’s vital to become a world-class communicator, not only in day-to-day liaison with staff, clients and other stakeholders but to ensure you are positioned correctly within your industry sector. If you want to work with a certain calibre of customers or clients, this needs to be communicated effectively and with confidence.

3. Handle objections

In business, you will always face objections, but more so when it comes to converting sales leads. By implementing a simple but effective process to overcome any objection, you will be able to engage with and convert more prospective clients.

4. Be productive, not ‘busy’



Sandro Forte is an experienced and respected Advisor for high net worth, celebrities, and influential individuals. Having developed his own successful and industry-leading wealth management practice, Forte Financial Group, Sandro has become an authority on personal development and peak performance and has since developed his own suite of success masterclasses delivered to 300,000 clients across the UK and overseas.

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