Insurance 28 November 2017

Three ways small business owners can protect stock from theft over Christmas

Loading area of a warehouse building in the city
Loading area of a warehouse building in the city
Writing for Business Advice, Mike Bullman, director of commercial guarding firm Safe Security Solutions, offers up three security methods to help small company owners protect stock over the demanding Christmas period.

Christmas is undoubtedly a daunting time of year for many UK businesses; with customer demand rapidly increasing and their patience consequently dwindling, as pressures surrounding the festivities persistently rise.

It is therefore essential for small business owners in particular, who largely rely on positive customer reviews and are often heavily involved in all business operations, to ensure their stock is maintained to a level that can cope with the needs of busy shoppers a familiar necessity within annual planning.

However, a key part of this preparation that can often be neglected is the need for business owners to sufficiently secure and protect stock in storage; customers cannot be provided with a high level of service and efficiency if, for any unfortunate reason, stock is unexpectedly lost.

Of course, small businesses will comparatively hold less stock than large corporations. However, small businesses are entirely dependent upon regularity in profit, therefore any degree of theft or damage could spell a disastrous loss for small business owners.

The implementation of sufficient safety measures allows business owners to reduce insurance premiums and management overheads, as such proving to be an invaluable asset for small companies alike.

Revealed: The UK’s business theft hotspots losing stock worth 184m

Despite the importance of product protection, the level of security maintained by many small business owners within the UK falls short of those robust safety measures required to ensure seamless survival throughout the festive season.

For example, over the past month alone an arrest has been reported in Ipswich following a robbery of business premises, highlighting the crucial nature of this topic and immediate need to improve small business owners? awareness of security equipment and maintenance protecting their hard-earned profits from easily preventable losses.

Below are several simple steps small business owners can take to better protect stock in storage.

  1. Ensure all external doors are monitored

It is critical for all entrances and exits to be locked, and superfluous entrances sealed and alarmed. The cost of UK retail crime has recently soared to a record of 613m, so even the most basic of preventative measures namely locks and alarms prove to be essential protection efforts.