Insurance 15 January 2019

How to protect your business premises from intruders

When it comes to intruders, even one extra security measure is better than none
The threat of theft within your business is enough to keep you up at night. How well do you sleep these days?

The possibility that intruders could gain access to your premises should be absolutely unacceptable to you.

Luckily there are a number of attainable means to better protect your merchandise and property. The money youll save thanks to these items will quickly make up for the initial capital investments, so read on for your best solutions for 2019.

Your business and security

So how can we comprehend the nature of intrusion anyway?

The reality is that bigger cities tend to house more people. Where there are more people there is usually more suffering. Poverty always has a direct correlation to the amount of crime within a city or town.

When people are driven to desperate measures they, unfortunately, end up taking what doesnt belong to them. More often than not this emerges in the form of business premises intrusions.

If you know this is a reality in your area, securing your business should be your number one priority after making profits. It doesnt only provide you with peace of mind but it’s how you ensure the continuation of profits in the future.

There are both internal and external ways of securing your premises. For businesses located in bigger shopping centres, external measures will usually be taken care of by the property owners in the form of:

In the event of any of these methods proving faulty, your business interior needs to be protected equally well.

Access control devices you need

There are a number of measures you can implement today that will instantly take your business security to the next level.

When it comes to intruders, even one extra security measure is better than none. Carefully consider each of the following and identify areas where you could improve.


Sensors and alarm systems are the most popular means of controlling intrusions. they’re usually once-off investments and require little maintenance even after long periods of performance.

Sensors will usually be placed around any possible access points within your business. They can be enabled and disabled as needed. Your closing manager could ensure that they’re turned on every evening just before the premises becomes vacant.

Should any of the access points be breached during the night, the sensors would detect this and sound an alarm. Law enforcement could be on the way in a matter of minutes.

Usually, the wild ringing of the alarm is enough to make most intruders flee the scene.


Fencing is the more old-fashioned route to better security within a business, but it still works.

Installing fencing around the premises, or up against the doors and window fronts, can do well to keep most problem causing individuals out. Getting through even the thinnest fencing is a time-consuming activity and one not likely to be attempted by intruders. Your business and stock will be safe during the twilight hours.

The only issue with fencing is that it’s bulky and exceptionally noticeable. It can ruin aesthetics. If this is not of concern to you then fence away.

Security bollards

To further secure your building premises you could look to having security bollards installed.

This method would likely have to be taken up with the building owners and would require a bit of time to put into action.

Security bollards act as giant space eating devices that essentially prevent any unauthorised vehicles from getting within your vicinity. This could do wonders in adding one extra barrier between your business and intruders.


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