Insurance 3 November 2017

Learn how to protect your company’s intellectual property

Our webinar will place on Tuesday 14 November at 3pm
Our webinar will place on Tuesday 14 November at 3pm

While you might not think your business has an intellectual property protection need, ideas, brand and business methods all need looking after. 

Join for our maiden webinar featuring David Walker, one of our resident experts and an authority on all things business law and brand development.

The webinar will be all about dispelling the various myths that exist in the intellectual property space and provide viewers with a list of action points that can be put into practice straight away.

Intellectual property is at the heart of what makes a small business unique. However, many don’t realise how much intellectual property they’re sat on or how easily it could be created. It remains hidden and unused, meaning many miss out on a huge amount of value and possible revenue streams.

There are a number of practical ways to protect the assets in your business and make your products and services more valuable.

Your patented designs will give you a competitive advantage by preventing competitors from developing and selling rival products, while copyright laws can help you build up a profitable business around your knowledge, experience and expertise.

Whether its patent registrations of new products or trademarks and copyright for the more detailed aspects of your brand, it’s easier than ever to develop a well-protected portfolio of intellectual property rights that can grow in value.

Through our webinar, David will be bringing his wealth of experience to deliver practical advice around intellectual property, helping to give your company an edge over its competitors.

Hunter Ruthven, editor of, said: “We’re really excited to host our first ever webinar on a topic which is important for businesses of all ages and from every sector. This interactive session will provide viewers with some really useful takeaways that can be easily applied to everyday strategies.”

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