Insurance 29 November 2017

How intellectual property can give your small business the competitive edge

Intellectual property
It?s now easier than ever to develop a well-protected portfolio of intellectual property rights that can grow in value
Intellectual property (IP) is at the heart of what makes your small business unique. Your ideas, brand and, in some cases, even your methods of doing business can be protected.

Unfortunately, many small business owners don?t realise how much IP they?re sat on or how easily it could be created. It remains hidden and unused, so they miss out on a huge amount of value and possible revenue streams.

For our first ever webinar, solicitor and regular Business Advice expert David Walker explained how to use?intellectual property to unlock the potential in your business. He dispelled some of the myths around IP, and provided a list of action points that can put into practice straight away.

If you missed the webinar first time around, you can catch up on David’s expert pointers below

David used his?expertise to guide viewers through patent registrations of new products, and explained how trademarks and copyright can protect the more detailed aspects of a brand.

We also invited viewers to submit their own questions, giving David a chance to respond to sector-specific queries during the broadcast.

For further advice on how intellectual property can make your business more profitable, take a look back at David’s IP series:

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