Insurance · 13 September 2017

Government publication launches customisable online business profiles

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The Gazette’sonline business profiles give owners a chance to showcase their company’s offering

A new service from the UK’s official public record isoffering firms registered at Companies House customisable online business profiles, promisingto reduce fraud risk and attract potential customers.

Every firm registered with Companies House already has a standard profile published on The Gazette, providing an unbiased picture of a business on an official platform, and the new customisation package allows company owners greater control over several aspects of their page.

The offer includes the chance to customise:

  • Website URL
  • Logo
  • Social media links
  • Phone number
  • An introduction to your company
By customising their profile, The Gazette claims small business owners could benefit from reduced fraud risk and further verification for their firm to potential customers.

Profile customisation, The Gazette claimed, will also allow business owners to boost their online reputation and accessibility by adding official social media and website links, contact details and company logos to build customer confidence.Ownerscan also download The Gazette digital badge, which can be added onto websites and email communications with a link back to their verified profile.

The package also provides business owners with a unique URL for their page. The Gazette championed the URL as a chance for business owners to boost procurement, giving improved access to bids, tenders and work quotations.

Commenting on the offer of new online profiles, Janine Eves, business and operations director at The Gazette, said small company owners now had the chance to bolster transparency and their firm’s reputation on one of the world’s best-established sources of public record.

Eves added that customisable profiles would allow owners to differentiate their business from industry competitors, and reduce the risk of corporate fraud.

given the volumes of businesses operating in the UK it can be difficult for business owners and operators to differentiate their enterprises, especially when other companies may have the same name or similar offering.

customisable profiles enable companies to direct prospective business partners and customers to the official public record to validate they are a legitimate enterprise and access information from Companies House, including annual accounts and details of the registered company directors.



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