Insurance 10 January 2017

Top tips to support employees through Blue Monday

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Treating staff to a meal may be a good way to boost morale in January
Here, wellbeing expert and managing director at Health Assured, David Price, offers smaller employers a few ideas that will raise smiles and support employees through Blue Monday this January.

As Christmas and New Year celebrations come to an end, employers and employees alike will be feeling the effects of gloomy weather, shorter days, and the debts run up after the festive break.

it’s well known that the third Monday every January is dubbed Blue Monday, so what can businesses do to boost morale in the workplace and help employees get through the traditional post-Christmas slump?

Create a fun event

At a time when everyone in the office is feeling low, what better way to support employees through Blue Monday than with a team event they can look forward to? Get your employees involved by asking them to come up with mood-boosting ideas for both in and out of work.

There are plenty of ways you can inject some fun into the workplace, such as:

  • Have a dress-down day
  • Set up a competition
  • Take everyone out for a drink after work
  • Treat them to a staff lunch at a local restaurant
Kick start the day with a team breakfast to help banish tiredness and keep energy levels high, as well as making everyone feel part of the team.

A selection of food will give employees something to look forward to especially if they don’t normally have time to eat in the mornings. You could try keeping it healthy by arranging a selection of fresh fruits, yoghurts and croissants, or get everyone excited with bacon butties and fried eggs though it’s worth going with the healthy option if you want to prevent energy levels from slumping.

The main thing to remember is to try to make it something everyone wants to be a part of, and it will give staff something to look forward to in January.

Encourage staff to take lunch and breaks

Of course, breakfast isnt the only important meal of the day, and good food practice makes a big difference to your staff’s working day:

  • Maintaining a healthy diet is good for general health
  • Eating at regular intervals will help with combating stress and depression
  • Encourage staff to enjoy their full lunch break and eat something before they come back into the office
  • Encourage regular breaks
Make sure your employees feel comfortable taking breaks to keep moods lifted. During the dark winter months, employees rarely see the sun, so it’s great to encourage them to get outside and enjoy the little bit of sunshine we do get.

Recognise good work

Staff can feel demotivated at the best of times, especially if they’re feeling overworked and their achievements are going unnoticed. it’s important that employers recognise a good job being done when they see it, even just a thank you? won’t go amiss.