Insurance · 26 November 2015

‘Tis the season to be jolly But why is the office Christmas party such a big deal?

There are options when it comes to the Christmas party
There are options when it comes to the Christmas party
Does it seem like the pressure is on for you to provide the best Christmas party ever for your team?

Staff expectations can run high and you might feel torn by needing to keep your party within a certain budget, but wanting to ensure that your staff are rewarded and feel valued.

No business owner wants unhappy staff. Almost three-quarters of firms believe that employees are crucial to helping their business become “sustainably successful”, according to a study published by Bupa.And many employees can link their worth to the business with how they feel that they are rewarded at Christmas.

Regardless of whether or not your staff wants a party, they do want the recognition that everyone has worked hard and accomplished a lot so do consider how you can reward them.

A Christmas party is just one way to reward employees. Weve come up with some alternative ideas to suit every budget.

According to Bupa’s research, two in five employees (44 per cent) would love their work to help them make positive changes to their lifestyle.

Forget the party?

Give everyone a “shopping day”. Close the office at midday and send everyone home, and if you’ve got the funds, give everyone a 50 gift voucher to spend at the nearest shopping centre. If you can’t shut the whole office, let everyone have a half (or whole) day off that doesn’t count against their holiday allowance and let them take it sometime in December.

Consider moving the party to January



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