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Reinventing the lunch hour: Three founders doing things differently

Reinventing the lunch hour
Incorporating the outdoors into your company’s daily routine can boost concentration levels and workplace morale
If employees sitting at desks eating supermarket meal deals is a familiar sight to you as a small business owner, it might be time to ring the changes and start reinventing the lunch hour.

According to one study, by the National Charity Partnership, under a third of UK workers take a lunch break away from their desk and venture outside for fresh air.

Employees cited high workloads and stress levels as the reasons they stayed indoors, while one in eight said their company’s workplace culture promoted al-desko? lunches.

Extra hours at work stations might sound beneficial, but your over-committed staff are likely to be doing the company more harm than good. The same study claimed 90 per cent of workers said making the most of their lunch hour made them happier and more positive.

As an employer, encouraging staff to take advantage of their hour break can boost concentration for the afternoon and increase workplace morale.

To find out more about the innovative ways small companies are reinventing the lunch hour, Business Advice visited three founders each incorporating fresh ideas.

The walk club

ShaI Aharony, co-founder and managing director of Reboot Online Marketing, a digital agency specialising in searches in high-competition sectors, introduced an open-invitation walk club? into his company.

I am a huge advocate of encouraging employees to get away from their desks during the lunch-hour. To practise what I preach, I decided to create a company walk club, Aharony told Business Advice.

a walk club whereby any employee that wanted to could join me for a daily half-hour walk during lunch. Initially, I thought interest would be low, but it’s been surprisingly successful. Most days, we have a full-house, employees love getting some fresh air and interacting with each other on all matters but work.

it’s perhaps no surprise employees appreciated the change of surroundings, but what about the tangible benefits?

the walk club has noticeably boosted everyone’s post-lunch concentration as well as productively levels, Aharony added.

but more importantly, for me, it’s positively improved team chemistry and contributed towards a more enjoyable working environment.

Sociable running

Stepping things up a gear, Andrew Halliday founder of SEO agency Indago Media, noticed his out-of-hours training for a charity marathon was having a positive impact on his energy and concentration levels. He decided his workforce could also benefit.

now, twice a week as a team we go for up to a five-mile run nothing close to world record-breaking, we run at the pace of the slowest person. We get out and just talk and enjoy the fresh air.

Halliday explained the nature of conversation was naturally more personal than work-orientated. it’s a longer conversation than what you would have over making a cup of tea, the team has bonded more together, he said.

the biggest thing I’ve noticed, and it really stood out in a meeting this morning, is there is a closer bond between people.

now, people are more confident giving ideas in brain-storming sessions or raising their hand and saying I disagree? because of it. Once you see someone fall over and face-plant the ground, what’s the worst you can say in a meeting

For the days the team arent running, Halliday introduced a second initiative to make the most of break times.

we watch a video together, whether it’s educational, a round-up, a new feature release or a training video, he said.

I found that we were all watching the same stuff but at separate times. Then, some of us would be discussing it, and others couldnt join in, or they would miss it altogether.

Now, Halliday’s team can watch important videos as they eat in a more casual environment. it’s been especially beneficial to junior staff members, who have a chance to pause and understand why a topic relates to a particular client without fear of interrupting a strict, allotted session.

He added: Anyone can choose the video, and we also have a shared Google Doc whereby someone can suggest something they think would be useful for the team.

Meditation hour

Corrina Field, PR director at Red Lion PR, told Business Advice her company had incorporated the meditation methods of Will Williams into their lunch hour.

we started meditating in September 2016. Since then, our lunch break habits have changed dramatically, she explained.

A recent study on Vedic meditation the model used by Will Williams by American psychologist confirmed its energy-boosting qualities, while Scientific American proved it could reduce anxiety by up to a third.

In Field’s experience, reinventing the lunch hour through a daily meditation session has delivered a culture shift in an industry not known for its tranquility.

we used to be typical PRs, rushing to Pret a Manger and wolfing down a sandwich at the desk that was lunch, she said.



Praseeda Nair is an impassioned advocate for women in leadership, and likes to profile business owners, advisors and experts in the field of entrepreneurship and management.

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