Insurance · 15 April 2016

How you can encourage safe cycling to work

Speeding through the streets
Cycling to work can create a happier and more productive workforce
How can you make your employees happier, healthier and wealthier? Tell them to get on their bike.

Many people share the common misconception that cycling is dangerous, hard work and challenging when, in reality, it can be convenient and accessible. Provide your employees with the information and support they need to start cycling to work, and watch them peddle their way to a happier, healthier workforce.

Why cycle to work??

  • As cyclists don’t rely on public transport, there are fewer potential obstacles to them arriving on time
  • Fresh air, exercise and the freedom a bike gives means that employees who cycle to work are happier
  • A workforce that regularly cycles to work will be fitter and healthier, both physically and mentally. This will reduce sick leave and encourage productivity while at work

Getting employees into the saddle

Transport, not sport

Cycling as a sport has exploded in the UK, but it remains primarily a form of transport. Cycling-specific gear can be a bit daunting for the uninitiated, but over short distances and at a steady speed, cycling in every day clothes is perfectly serviceable.

Explain the risk

People tend to think cycling is far more dangerous than it actually is. In reality, the benefits of cycling far outweigh the potential risks. Help employees find the safest, quietest routes by directing them to websites such as Cycle Maps and Cycle Streets.

Group training

A refresher course that boosts a cyclist’s skills in traffic can give people extra confidence. National standards cycle training is available for adults of all levels. Instructors are listed by the Department for Transport at Costs range from nothing to up to 30 per hour.

Sign up for a cycle scheme

it’s important to invest in a good bike, but they don’t come cheap. A decent bicycle can cost up to 1, 000. Cyclescheme enables employees to purchase bikes with a loan that is repaid through their salary. This spreads the cost and can save them as much as 32percent on the cost of a bike.

Offer facilities



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